usedSoft receives B2B award as part of “Germany’s Best Online Shops”

The IT trade journal manage it handed out awards to “Germany’s Best Online Shops” for the first time this year. the criteria for the award included a comprehensive range of products, a clearly laid out site and customer-friendly processing. Prizes were awarded in three categories: B2B hardware, B2B software and B2B office supplies. Used software pioneer usedSoft was distinguished for its online shop in the “B2B software” category.

“The entire usedSoft team are delighted to have been recognised with this award since online trade is the most important pillar of our business model”, emphasised Peter Schneider, usedSoft’s managing director and founder, on the occasion of the award ceremony. This growth has primarily been based on the ever-increasing digitalisation of trade for a number of years now. “This is a service that ever more customers are discovering for themselves, a trend that grew even more strongly last year owing to the corona crisis”, noted Schneider. “Overall, we regularly record high, double-digit growth rates in online shop sales. This can be 50 per cent or even higher in normal years. This is the future of used software trading.”

Furthermore, of the 1,200 new customers that usedSoft acquired last year, just under 800 of them came to the company for the first time via usedSoft’s shop. “usedSoft now has a client base of around 16,000 customers, approximately half of which make their purchases on usedSoft”s shop. And this is a trend that is continuing to grow”, underlined Schneider. usedSoft is the only renowned supplier in the branch that operates a professional online shop where customers can make their software purchases with just a few clicks of the mouse. The ordering process on the online shop is carried out on a fully automated basis: Ordering, payment, licensing and delivery all take place in a single operation. The online shop offers usedSoft’s entire product range and was designed to be user friendly through the inclusion of a shopping cart, a simple ordering process, a wide range of payment options and many other features besides. The usedSoft shop is available in German, English, French and Italian.

usedSoft was founded in 2003 by Peter Schneider and, as the first supplier of its kind, established and developed the trade in used software. Savings in purchasing used licenses can be up to 50 percent of the new price. Furthermore, a used licence is of the same value for the purchaser since software, in contrast to most other products, does not wear out. However, companies and public authorities are not only able to buy reasonably-priced software on the used market, but can also sell their surplus licences and transform them into cash.

The usedSoft Group’s customers include, among others, Alete s.Oliver, Segafredo, Roederer, Munich Airport, a leading club in the German Bundesliga as well as various ‘Sparkassen’ [savings banks] and law firms. The business is focused on computer programmes from the Microsoft brands. The board of directors includes, among others, the former head of IBM Europe, Hans-Olaf Henkel, and the former Bayer boss Manfred Schneider.