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26. June 2024

Microsoft CAL Suites: Streamline Your Server Access and Save

Navigating access rights can be quite a task, especially when you're dealing with various Microsoft products that each need a CAL (Client Access License). It's not only complex; it can devour your time. Why not simplify the process and save some money with a CAL Suite? What Exactly is a CAL Suite? A CAL Suite [...]
24. April 2024

When is it worth buying 2016 versions?

In the fast-moving world of technology, the latest often seems to be the best. But sometimes it pays to rely on the tried and tested, for example the 2016 versions from Microsoft. But when is it worthwhile for companies to use Windows Servers or Office 2016? Here are a few examples: Small IT budget: Windows [...]
21. March 2024

Microsoft Outlook: Time-saving Tips to Boost Productivity

Sending emails, managing contacts, organising appointments and sorting tasks: Since its introduction in 2012, Microsoft Outlook has been instrumental in bringing order and structure to office routines. However, you're likely familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by a flood of emails and meetings. With the following five tips, you can use Outlook more efficiently [...]
22. February 2024

Windows LTSC: Benefits and use cases

LTSC versions are the perfect choice for corporate customers requiring an extended support period as well as stability and security. LTSC (formerly: LTSB) stands for "Long Term Servicing Channel": These versions receive longer support from Microsoft compared to other versions. They are provided with security updates over a long period of time but forego the [...]
20. February 2024

Microsoft PowerPoint: Tips for successful presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint offers various options for creating professional presentations: Text, charts & tables, images & graphics, animations & videos. Nevertheless, it is not easy to create appealing slides. It is worth the effort, though, as endless presentations with overloaded slides and without a clear structure quickly become boring. To help you impress your audience with [...]
25. January 2024

Microsoft Word: Practical tips for beginners and professionals

Microsoft Word has been around for over 40 years. Initially, of course, it did not have as many features as today. Over time, the software has undergone consistent development and has become an enduring office classic! However, beyond the basics of "copy/paste", are you familiar with all the tricks and functions that can make working [...]
19. November 2023

Windows 11 – Innovations, Benefits, Alternatives

Windows 11 is Microsoft's latest operating system. But would you have guessed that it's already been two years since its launch? It certainly doesn't feel that long. Because even today, many companies remain uncertain about what's actually new in Windows 11. That's why we're giving you a compact overview of the most important differences to [...]
5. June 2023

usedSoft-Shop awarded with seal of quality

Our online shop has been awarded the Trusted Shops quality seal, a sign of trustworthiness for online retailers. At usedSoft, we pair the best service with abosulte reliability. For buyers of used software, this means that purchases of up to €20,000 are protected by our buyer protection program, regardless of the chosen payment method. Our [...]
24. May 2023

Update, Upgrade, Downgrade

IT renovation made easy! When the plaster in your own home starts to crumble, you know it's time to renovate! The right time for a software modernisation, on the other hand, is not always obvious for many companies. On this page we have compiled the most important information about updates, upgrades and downgrades for you. [...]
30. March 2023

What happens when Microsoft support ends?

The time has come for the 2013 version of Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Project and Visio: Microsoft will end the extended support on 11 April 2023. On this page, we provide a short overview of what this actually means, what you need to do and how used software licences from usedSoft can help you. What [...]
28. February 2023

SQL Server 2022: How to license correctly?

SQL Server 2022 Standard can be licensed in two ways - either with a combination of server and access licences (CALs), or core-based with core licences. This sounds more complicated than it is: Licensing via combined server and access licences (CALs) Each (!) server – physical or virtual – running SQL 2022 Standard requires a [...]
25. October 2022

Top 3 reasons for Windows 10

Immer wieder werden wir gefragt, ob sich ein Wechsel auf Windows 11 lohnt – und auf welchen Geräten das neue Betriebssystem denn nun technisch einwandfrei läuft. Natürlich gibt es nicht die eine Antwort für alle, aber allgemein gilt: Auch ein Jahr nach dem Start von Windows 11 ist der Vorgänger die erste Wahl. Der Marktanteil [...]