usedSoft focusing more heavily on online sales

The international software trading group usedSoft is forging ahead with the digitalisation of its business model. In doing so, the used software pioneer has enlarged its online trading platform; functions and product range have been expanded.

One visible sign of that is the merging of the two former usedSoft websites. Previously the main web address offered only information related to used software. The online shop had its own URL. Now there is just one main address with the online shop serving as the homepage. “Used software is no longer a product requiring explanation, but a commodity,” says usedSoft CEO Peter Schneider in reference to the decision to place online sales at the core of the company’s business model. “The market has matured. Customers know what they want and need less and less advice. They want to buy online, since that is the fastest and simplest way.”

In the usedSoft online shop, customers can purchase the used software pioneer’s full range, which has been enlarged and now also contains the latest 2019 versions of Microsoft. Additionally, the shop has a purchase form, which companies can use to easily offer their surplus licenses as a trade-in. Customers can find supplementary information as always via the main menu. Here usedSoft has made available a series of video tutorials, among other things: under usedSoft customers can receive answers to frequently asked questions. The information provided is being continuously enhanced.

And last but not least, through the increased digitalisation of its commercial business usedSoft wants to tap into such markets in which the Group is not represented with its own sales subsidiaries or offices. The usedSoft shop is now available in German, English, French and Italian.

In the past year, usedSoft was able to increase its revenues by more than 45 percent, thanks to online sales. Furthermore, usedSoft acquired 61 percent of its new customers in 2018 via the online shop.