Used software: More than tenfold increase in Office 2019 sales

The sales figures for used “Office 2019 Standard” licences grew more than tenfold last year. These numbers were published by the European used software supplier usedSoft today. Furthermore, licences that grant remote access to company servers from home offices were in greater demand than ever.

“Office 2019 Standard” software was purchased ten times more frequently in 2020 than in the previous year. usedSoft manager Jennifer Schneider suggests several reasons for the increased demand: “Since the beginning of the corona crisis, many companies have needed to set up home office workstations equipped with Microsoft Office for their employees. It is not surprising that a particularly high number of firms chose to purchase used licences for the newest version of the suite. Ultimately, Office 2019 is up to 50% cheaper on the used market than when purchased new. Furthermore, used licences remain the perfect alternative for customers who do not wish to make themselves dependent on Microsoft’s Cloud and subscription model.”

In addition to the home office boom, the fact that “Office 2010” is no longer supported has also fuelled the rush to update to the newer version, adds Schneider. “Office 2016 Standard”, the most frequently purchased product last year, continues to number among the best-sellers. “The 2016 version is significantly cheaper than its successor while also offering all the most important functions”, says Schneider. “The current economic conditions are precisely those in which firms do not want to spend more than they absolutely have to.” Irrespective of the particular version, a much larger number of used standard licences were sold last year. By contrast, the “Professional Plus” edition decreased in popularity. Given the standard package provides a comprehensive range of basic programmes, it is normally sufficient for the vast majority of companies.

More access licences for home office connections needed

Diverse “RDS CALs” (Client Access Licences for Remote Desktop Services) also numbered among the top ten products of the year in 2020. These licences are required by firms so that their employees can access company servers from home using their laptop or PC. “Companies shouldn’t forget the licences needed for remote access when setting up home office workstations”, stresses Schneider. “We reduced the prices for such licences early on at the beginning of the corona pandemic. Furthermore, we are also able to carry out the activation of RDS CALs on behalf of our customers in order to facilitate speedy re-licensing for them.” usedSoft has many years of experience in the software licence industry. The company was the first European supplier to enter the second-hand software trade in the B2B market and holds a leading position on the market today.