Used software buyers prefer to avoid cloud models

Around half of the companies which purchase used software do so owing to a dislike of cloud and subscription models. This was the finding of a recent market survey conducted by used software provider usedSoft. However, the most important factor in the purchase of a used licence is and will remain the price …

In a recent survey, the used software provider usedSoft asked procurement officers at companies and public authorities about the used software market. The respondents, who already had experience with purchasing used licences, included both usedSoft customers and companies which had not yet ordered from usedSoft.

The answer as to why the companies choose to purchase used software was emphatic: 94 percent of the respondents named the low price in comparison to buying new as the reason why. Another important factor for almost half of the respondents (approx. 46 percent) is a dislike of subscription and cloud models. They opt for the used market as an alternative. A third (approx. 34 percent) also revealed that the version of the software they were looking for was only available on the used market. Older versions can be found on the used market which software manufacturers often do not offer any more.

When choosing a specific used software dealer, the price and range of products are decisive for the vast majority (approx. 94 percent). However, 84 percent of the respondents also indicated that many years of experience on the market was an important or quite important factor for them. usedSoft pioneered the establishment of the used software market in Europe and was founded as the first ever used software provider in 2003. 83 percent of the respondents indicated that they had already purchased used licences from usedSoft on at least one occasion. All of the respondents (100%) were satisfied or quite satisfied with usedSoft’s range of products and the price. 98 percent said that they were satisfied or quite satisfied with the delivery period and around 97 percent were satisfied with the delivery period as well as everything overall.

In addition, the information that usedSoft provides is also well received. The survey revealed that around 92 percent of the respondents are interested in the explainer videos and tutorials that usedSoft publishes on its YouTube channel. Among others, favourite video subjects include tutorials on the installation and activation of products (approx. 72 percent) as well as explainer videos on different software versions (approx. 68 percent). The survey was conducted in March 2020. Just under 100 people participated.