Ex-BAYER boss Schneider moves to usedSoft

Manfred Schneider, the former Chairman of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of BAYER AG, has joined the Executive Board of the renowned used software supplier usedSoft.

“I enjoy supporting young companies that bring a breath of fresh air to the market,” is how Manfred Schneider describes his reason for committing to usedSoft. “The usedSoft business model is just such an idea. Here a market worth billions dominated by big suppliers is being broken into by a small but assertive supplier.”

In his role as a member of the Executive Board, Manfred Schneider intends to make himself available to the usedSoft Group as a consultant on the further development of the company. The other usedSoft board members are Hans-Olaf Henkel, an MEP, former BDI President and head of IBM Europe, Gerhard Stratthaus, the former Baden-Württemberg Finance Minister and Peter Schneider, founder of usedSoft.

“We are thrilled that Manfred Schneider is joining our Executive Board,” stressed Peter Schneider. “We see this as support for the usedSoft business model and our growth plan. Manfred Schneider’s commitment also confirms us in our determination to further drive the liberalisation of the software market.” Peter Schneider and Manfred Schneider know each other from their political work together in “Konvent für Deutschland” (Convention for Germany) that the former Federal President Roman Herzog founded and managed until his death.

In 2003 usedSoft actually “invented” the market in used software and has opened it up in the years since. Moreover, Peter Schneider succeeded in implementing his business model in the face of the stiffest resistance by the US software monopolists. In particular, he took several hard-fought proceedings initiated by the manufacturers as far as the European Court of Justice and the Bundesgerichtshof (Federal Supreme Court) and thereby obtained confirmation of the fundamental legality of the used software trade.

In recent years usedSoft has grown by up to 30 percent per annum. As things stand, the turnover of this internationally operating group will pass the 20 million mark for the first time this year. “The volume of the market in standard software is about 5 billion Euros per annum in Germany alone,” added Peter Schneider. “This shows what enormous potential the used software market still has.”