Frau vor einem gezeichneten Aktivierungskey für Volumenlizenzen

Volume licences – also optimal for companies when used

Whether new or used – volume licences are usually the best option if several licences are needed at once. In other words, they are ideal for companies. When you buy, you receive a data carrier and an activation key. The software can be rolled out and activated by the administrator on several devices and for several users. That saves time and effort!

Quick activation

For volume licences, there is a practical “Key Management Service” that can be used to activate several devices in a network. You can find out how this works here.

Easier & cheaper

As a rule, volume licences are not only cheaper in principle. The simpler procurement and the possibility to manage the licences and keys centrally and efficiently also reduce the overall costs.

Special rights of use

Certain functions are only possible with volume licences: for example, terminal-capable. The rights holder can use virtual desktop infrastructure. And they can also be downgraded if required.

Useful videos on volume licensing

What types of licences are there?

In this video we explain the differences between the common types of Microsoft licences: FPP, OEM and volume licences.

Activating volume licences

In this tutorial you will learn the best way to activate your volume licences: by MAK (Multiple Activation Key) or by KMS (Key Management Service).

Setting up a server as a KMS host

In this video we explain how to set up a KMS host on your Windows server.

Setting up a PC as a KMS Host

In this video we explain how to set up a PC in your network as a KMS host.

Legal situation regarding volume licences

May individual licences from volume licensing agreements be resold?

Yes. It already follows from the ECJ ruling usedSoft/Oracle that the so-called “exhaustion” occurs for each individual programme that is purchased. It is irrelevant whether the individual programmes are sold within the framework of a volume licensing agreement.

The Frankfurt Higher Regional Court also endorsed this view in a decision in December 2012. It found that the resale of individual licences originally acquired under a volume licensing agreement “does not lead to the assumption that an impermissible splitting took place here.

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