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We support B2B customers in the purchase of used licences. Our usedSoft team consists of experienced used software experts and certified Microsoft Licensing Partners.

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Georg Merkel, Microsoft Licensing Professional bei usedSoft

Georg Merkel
Sales Manager
Microsoft Licensing Professional
+49 (0)231 9999-1014

Enis Ö., Sales Professional bei usedSoft

Enis Ö.
Sales Manager
Microsoft Licensing Professional
+49 (0)231 9999-1015

Markus Rummel

Markus Rummel
Purchasing Manager
Sales Webshop
+49 (0)231 9999-1012

Luca Calabria, Lizenzexperte bei usedSoft

Luca Calabria
Sales Webshop
Sales Manager Italy
+49 (0)231 9999-1013

Andrea Giannetto

Andrea Giannetto
Sales Manager
+39 348 52 39 711

Cesare Ghisalberti
Sales Manager
+39 345 5080720

Audrey Tchicaya, Lizenzexpertin bei usedSoft

Audrey Tchicaya
Sales Manager
+49 (0)231 9999-1018

Experte für Gebrauchtsoftware im Team usedSoft

Mohamed Bertoz
Sales Manager
+49 (0)231 9999-1022

Christelle Hamba
Sales Manager
+49 (0)231 9999-1017

Anabela Alexandre,
Sales Assistant Frankreich und Portugal bei usedSoft

Anabela Alexandre
Sales Assistant France
Sales Manager Portugal
+49 (0)231 9999-1024

Daniela Heider
Accounting Manager
+49 (0)231 9999-1010

Julia Klein, Accounting Assistant bei usedSoft

Julia Klein
Accounting Assistant
+49 (0)231 9999-1000

Robin Michalke, Head of IT bei usedSoft

Robin Michalke
Head of IT
+49 (0)231 9999-1033

Mohamed Bertoz – Experte für Gebrauchtsoftware im Team usedSoft

Furkan Yavuz
Trainee IT Specialist System Integration
+49 (0)231 9999-1031

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We are always looking for motivated colleagues who would like to contribute their skills and ideas to our team. Especially sales professionals who want to grow with us are always welcome.

For all information on unsolicited applications and current job offers go to our page Career.