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Unlike almost all other products, software does not wear out. Buyers of used software get exactly the same product as first-time buyers - only on significantly more favourable terms. So why should you spend a lot of money on something that you can get at a much lower price from usedSoft?

usedSoft offers you all common standard software from Microsoft and others at up to 30 % below the new price at all times. An offer that has already persuaded over 5,500 German and international companies, including Rewe, Salzburger Flughafen GmbH, Neckermann and even local authorities like Munich City Council.

With usedSoft, you don't just save money but you can also earn money: sell us your "redundant" software - and convert surplus licenses into cash.

Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell licenses: you're always at the right place with usedSoft.


heise: Germany's Federal Supreme Court explains the legality of used software trade

The news service "heise" has published detailed reporting on the court opinion to the case, highlighting the passage regarding splitting volume licenses: "The single licenses contained herein may also be resold as such, even if doing so displeases the manufacturer."

IT Business: Germany's Federal Supreme Court confirms that used software trade is legal

IT Business also joined the announcement, writing that "usedSoft wins in Oracle case." The news service reports that the Federal Supreme Court has aligned itself with the European Court of Justice's verdict regarding used software and confirmed the legality of used software trade.

CRN: Germany's Federal Supreme Court sustains used software

The renowned professional journal for the ITC channel CRN reports that the Federal Supreme Court has clearly sustained the rights involving used software trade, thereby annulling the license terms of several manufacturers.