25. October 2022

Top 3 reasons for Windows 10

Time and again people ask us whether upgrading to Windows 11 is worth it – and on which devices the new operating system will technically run. Of course, there is not a single answer for everyone, but in general, we can say: Even one year after the launch of Windows 11, its predecessor is still the first choice. According to current studies, the market share of Windows 10 is between 70% and 80%. Top 3 reasons for Windows 10:

1) Windows 10 has everything you need. The well-developed operating system comes with all the features that most companies need. No reason to waste effort on changing the system. Moreover, Windows 10 will be provided with updates until October 2025. So there is no need for action either.

2) Windows 10 is a familiar environment. In contrast, the new look of Windows 11 takes some time to get used to. Especially colleagues who are not “power users” have to learn the ropes – and that often includes getting a little frustrated. So better stay with Windows 10, where every click is already known.

3) Windows 10 is running and running. There are no particularly high hardware requirements. That’s quite different with Windows 11. Just recently, a comprehensive study by the IT company Lansweeper caused a stir: a whopping 42% of PCs and notebooks are not compatible with Windows 11. Around 30 million computers in 60,000 companies were examined! To replace these 12.6 million incompatible devices alone would require billions in investment. In terms of ecological sustainability, it’s better to continue with Windows 10 – and make the most of the life cycle of existing hardware.

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13. June 2022

Used software pioneer Peter Schneider has died

Only a few days ago, used software pioneer Peter Schneider, the founder of the international software trading group usedSoft, passed away due to serious illness. His family announced this today. He had reached the age of 67. Peter Schneider founded the company usedSoft in 2003 and managed it since then. In so doing, he laid [...]
12. May 2022

Used software is sustainable

Clothing made of organic cotton, vegetables grown locally, packaging made of paper - in their private lives, many people consciously shop for sustainable products. But used software is also sustainable: In this year's market survey, the used software supplier usedSoft asked more than 150 participating purchasers from companies, public authorities and the software trade: How [...]
15. February 2022

Used software versions from 2019 in the fast lane

The 2019 versions of Microsoft Office applications and servers were bought more frequently than their previous versions for the first time last year. This information, announced today by the European used software supplier usedSoft, means that the used software versions from 2019 are on the fast lane. The best-selling software was “Office 2019 Standard”. The [...]