The trade in software is on the move - and we are too. That's why on this page we would like to provide you with interesting information about the used software market. Visit the Archive for older articles.

IT Reseller: "Don't underestimate software monopolists"

usedSoft founder Peter Schneider answers questions of the Swiss trade magazine IT Reseller. During this interview, he talks about his initial business idea. He explains the market development and he sheds light on the customer benefits. For the entire interview, go here...

C.ebra: Procurement in the Church – Salvation Army puts its faith in used software

“More and more churches and church organisations in Germany and Austria are choosing used computer programmes when buying software”, reports C.ebra, the trade magazine for efficient purchase of supplies for the office and workplace. With one Salvation Army congregation usedSoft is said to have gained its 100th church customer already.”

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manage it: Software procurement - Rent? Buy? Dust it off!

Today, software can be purchased via download; it can be rented or purchased on the second-hand market.¬ The IT specialist medium “manage it” explains why used software is particularly attractive.

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ITdistri: Another sales office for Usedsoft presents usedSoft's new office for the Benelux countries. Following the national affiliated companies in Germany, Austria, France and Hong Kong this is already usedSoft’s fifth foreign company.

CRN: Volume licences may be split

The renowned specialist magazine CRN reported in depth on the opinion of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany: This clearly stated that the resale from volume packages is permitted. Furthermore, the article uncovered the “insecurity tactics” of the manufacturers.

IT Business: Volume licences may be split

IT Business berichtet über die Urteilsbegründung, mit welcher der Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) bekräftigt, "dass Software-Lizenzen aus Volumen-Paketen auch einzeln weiterverkauft werden dürfen". Damit präzisiere der BGH das sogenannte „Aufspaltungsverbot“ des Europäischen Gerichtshofs (EuGH), das sich nur auf Client-Server-Lizenzen bezog, nicht aber auf Volumenlizenzen.

Public Manager: Used software boom with public authorities

The trade journal “Public Manager” informed its readers on the trend in public administration for the purchase of used software. usedSoft has recently acquired its 555th public authority customer: “The state office for weights and measurements of Saxony was able to achieve a saving of more than 30% in comparison with the original price.”

Computerwoche: BGH declares the unbundling of volume licences as legal

In short: Licences purchased via volume contracts may be resold individually. “Computerwoche” reported in detail how the highest German civil court declared in the last instance of appeal that usedSoft was in the right.

ZDNet: BGH declares the splitting of volume licences as legal

The renowned technology news service ZDNet reported that usedSoft emerged “victorious” from the trial, in which the BGH decided that licences obtained in the framework of volume contracts may be resold individually. “The judge affirmed this question” and in this manner, everything is stated unequivocally.

Kommune21: Second-hand software licences

“Kommune21” is the trade journal for IT in the public sector. They have been able to report that usedSoft won the software procurement procedure of the city of Nuremberg. “In future, the Franconian municipality will utilise second-hand Microsoft licences and in this manner will save around a third in comparison with the original price.”

ChannelPartner: Peter Schneider new member in the “Konvent für Deutschland”

The specialist medium “ChannelPartner” reports in its personnel announcements that the managing director of usedSoft, Peter Schneider, has been accepted as a new member by the “Konvent für Deutschland” (council for reforms in Germany). The “non-partisan and independent advisory body for politics” is headed by the former German Federal President Roman Herzog.

ZDNet: Video on used software – usedSoft serves Microsoft a written warning

The IT specialist portal ZDNet reports on the written warning that forbids the software manufacturer Microsoft from making statements on used software in a YouTube video, which has now been removed. In the video, Microsoft makes a number of claims that contradict the judgements of the BGH and ECJ in regard to second-hand software.

Öko-Test: Used software

“Yes, used software licences may be resold.” This is the clear reply by the renowned consumer magazine “Öko-Test” on a reader’s question. And furthermore clarifies: “In regard to programs, which can be updated online, the user has the right to the most current version.”

CRN: usedSoft expands to Asia

“usedSoft continues its expansion strategy unabated”, the renowned trade journal for the ITC channel CRN states. With the establishment of a distribution company in Hong Kong, as of now, in particular India, China and other markets in Southeast Asia will be supplied with used software products.

Behörden Spiegel: Used software – Finally legal security for public authorities

Purchasing used software at favourable prices is an ideal manner for municipalities and other public institutions to ease the burden on their budgets. In the current edition of the trade journal Behörden Spiegel, the renowned expert on procurement law, Dr Claudia Nottbusch, once again clarifies the legal certainty of the trade.

heise: Germany's Federal Supreme Court explains the legality of used software trade

The news service "heise" has published detailed reporting on the court opinion to the case, highlighting the passage regarding splitting volume licenses: "The single licenses contained herein may also be resold as such, even if doing so displeases the manufacturer."

IT Business: Germany's Federal Supreme Court confirms that used software trade is legal

IT Business also joined the announcement, writing that "usedSoft wins in Oracle case." The news service reports that the Federal Supreme Court has aligned itself with the European Court of Justice's verdict regarding used software and confirmed the legality of used software trade.

CRN: Germany's Federal Supreme Court sustains used software

The renowned professional journal for the ITC channel CRN reports that the Federal Supreme Court has clearly sustained the rights involving used software trade, thereby annulling the license terms of several manufacturers.

10 years of usedSoft – 10 years of open competition

usedSoft is these days celebrating its tenth anniversary. Much has happened since its founding: Today, only a decade later, we have real price competition thanks to usedSoft. And second-hand trade has expanded such that it now represents a constant on the international software market.

Walther Technik GmbH & Co. KG

At our company, we place just as much value on innovation as we do on cost awareness. That's why usedSoft was our first choice when it came to procuring software: With usedSoft, we were able to obtain current technology at unbeatably economical prices. In light of the legal circumstances now being clear-cut, we had no reservations about purchasing used software.

Law firms rely on usedSoft

Since the European Court of Justice's ruling in July 2012 stating that used software trade is fundamentally legal, the demand for used licenses has been growing strong. There have been a rising number of law offices and tax consultants among buyers from all over Europe: After approximately one year, usedSoft won its 100th new client from those sectors this month.

MDR: Selling used software: What is permitted?

Free trade in used software has even been addressed by the German public broadcaster MDR. Specifically, it has a quick tip for consumers: "People who acquire used computer games and programs for their PC can save a lot. Conversely, they can also make a bit of money back by selling used software." Here are some tips for people interested in buying and selling console games or PC software.

Used Software – How to ensure safety along with savings

A year ago, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) finally mandated legal certainty for buyers of used software. Now it is possible to secure savings – believe it or not - of up to 30 per cent, by following a few simple but important rules.

One year after the ECJ ruling: usedSoft on the upswing

On 3 July 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave the permission for trading in used licenses. One year after the undertaking usedSoft sought this ruling, its CEO, Peter Schneider, reports a positive outcome.

usedSoft's idea travels around the world!

"Ideas worth spreading" This is the slogan that characterizes the by now legendary TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) global set of conferences: no wonder that usedSoft's idea to trade in used software will now become the topic at the next TED conference.

ChannelBiz: usedSoft – Conrads appointed sales director

Industry magazine ChannelBiz reports on usedSoft’s new sales director Thorsten Conrads, who is responsible for sales in Germany as of now. Conrads will initially push ahead with further strengthening of the sales team in order to expand usedSoft’s leading position in the market for used software.

usedSoft boosts sales

usedSoft has a new sales director – Thorsten Conrads is now responsible for sales in Germany. Conrads will initially push ahead with strengthening the sales team further in order to extend usedSoft’s leading position in the market for used software.

Le Monde Informatique: usedSoft, spécialiste du logiciel d'occasion s'implante en France

Even in France word has got around that trading in used software is legal. According to the IT journal Le Monde Informatique the French used software market is finally picking up steam. This is clear from the opening of used software specialist usedSoft’s office in Paris. As French companies have already been among usedSoft’s customers, the representative office in France was the next logical step.

usedSoft sets up branch in France

usedSoft has set up a branch in France. This used software dealer is thereby continuing the Europe-wide expansion of its sales. Following the European Court of Justice’s ruling in July 2012, demand for used computer programs has grown considerably, especially in France.

Computerwelt (Austria): “Customers have legal certainty at last”

Computerwelt reports that following the landmark ECJ ruling for the software industry, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court has decided that volume and even school licences can be split and resold. Now that “it seems to be all systems go for used software dealers”, Computerwelt has requested an interview with UsedSoft CEO Peter Schneider.

Whiteboard: This entrepreneur started a business with 100% certainty he would be sued by multinationals

The Whiteboard blog, which reports on technology and business trends in Europe, features the “entrepreneur behind the usedSoft story”, CEO Peter Schneider. How the idea for trading in used software came about and how it has developed over the years, is revealed in this article.

Bayerischer Rundfunk "on3": Legal situation on the digital 'flea market'

"Paid downloads should be treated in the same way as purchased CDs or DVDs." This was the judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union, giving usedSoft victory in its lawsuit against Oracle in July 2012. This judgement can now also serve as the first signal when it comes to the re-sale of legally downloaded music, movies, e-books or games.

Wirtschaftswoche: A flea market for e-books and more

The market in used music and e-books could now take off following the ruling by the European Court of Justice that the trade in used software[/en/used-software/buy-licenses/] is permitted. Admittedly the judgement is not directly transferable to music or books. However, "It will be difficult to explain why the arguments for other digital goods should not apply here too," states the lawyer and copyright expert Till Kreutzer in his article in Wirtschaftswoche.

IT Business: “Market growth is accelerating”

In an interview with the respected journal IT-Business usedSoft CEO Peter Schneider reports on what the European Court of Justice ruling could mean for the future of the used software market[/en/used-software/legal-situation/].