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22. February 2024

Windows LTSC: Benefits and use cases

LTSC versions are the perfect choice for corporate customers requiring an extended support period as well as stability and security. LTSC (formerly: LTSB) stands for “Long Term Servicing Channel”: These versions receive longer support from Microsoft compared to other versions. They are provided with security updates over

20. February 2024

Microsoft PowerPoint: Tips for successful presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint offers various options for creating professional presentations: Text, charts & tables, images & graphics, animations & videos. Nevertheless, it is not easy to create appealing slides. It is worth the effort, though, as endless presentations with overloaded slides and without a clear structure quickly become boring. To help you impress

25. January 2024

Microsoft Word: Practical tips for beginners and professionals

Microsoft Word has been around for over 40 years. Initially, of course, it did not have as many features as today. Over time, the software has undergone consistent development and has become an enduring office classic! However, beyond the basics of “copy/paste”, are you familiar with all the tricks and functions that can