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The streets are not paved with gold. But your server is!

Do you have superfluous commercial software licences? Due to system change, downsizing, closure of divisions, insolvency or other reasons? Then sell us the licence rights that you no longer need and make your unexploited capital work for you.

The trade in used licences is based on a very simple principle: companies’ software needs are constantly changing – far more so than with many other products. Working with usedSoft offers you compelling benefits:


usedSoft buys unused software licences at attractive prices and enables companies to convert unproductive capital into cash.


usedSoft offers greater manoeuvrability in managing your portfolio. Find specific information for insolvency administrators and collecting societies for the purchase of software from companies’ bankruptcy estates here.


Then get in touch with us – either using the contact form below or by e-mail: purchase_usedsoft@usedsoft.com.

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