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Press Releases

30. August 2022

usedSoft with new management

Johannes Jäger is the new Managing Director of the used software provider usedSoft Deutschland GmbH. With immediate effect, Jäger is responsible for the entire customer business in Europe. This completes the planned change of generations that company founder Peter Schneider initiated before his death. With Johannes Jäger, usedSoft was able to win a sales professional […]

13. June 2022

Used software pioneer Peter Schneider has died

Only a few days ago, Peter Schneider, the founder of the international software trading group, usedSoft, passed away due to serious illness. His family announced this today. He had reached the age of 67. Peter Schneider founded the company usedSoft in 2003 and managed it since then. In so doing, he laid the foundation for […]

15. February 2022

Used software: 2019 versions in the fast lane

The 2019 versions of Microsoft Office applications and servers were bought more frequently than their previous versions for the first time last year. This was announced today by the European used software supplier usedSoft. The best-selling software was “Office 2019 Standard”. The sales figures for “Windows Server 2019” and the associated RDS CALs (Client Access […]



Johannes Jäger, Managing Director, usedSoft Deutschland GmbH

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Michael Aufderheide, CFO & COO, usedSoft Group

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