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24. May 2023

Update, Upgrade, Downgrade

IT renovation made easy! When the plaster in your own home starts to crumble, you know it’s time to renovate! The right time for a software modernisation, on the other hand, is not always obvious for many companies. On this page we have compiled the most important

30. March 2023

What happens when Microsoft support ends?

The time has come for the 2013 version of Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, Project and Visio: Microsoft will end the extended support on 11 April 2023. On this page, we provide a short overview of what this actually means, what you need to do and how used

28. February 2023

SQL Server 2022: How to license correctly?

SQL Server 2022 Standard can be licensed in two ways – either with a combination of server and access licences (CALs), or core-based with core licences. This sounds more complicated than it is: Licensing via combined server and access licences (CALs) Each (!) server – physical or