Michael van Gerwen, Fallon Sherrock, Max Hopp and Vincent van der Voort play in the “Team usedSoft”. We sponsor some of the most famous faces in professional darts. Why? Out of pure enthusiasm for the game and because of its parallels to our business. If you want to win in London’s “Ally Pally”, you need the same quality as our online shop: Perfection, all the way to the checkout!

6. December 2021
Six tips for buying secondhand software

Buying secondhand licences is not only particularly inexpensive, but if you use a professional provider, it’s also just as easy, fast and secure as buying them new. Those who prefer to buy new software because they’re not properly up-to-date about secondhand licences will end up spending more money than they need to. The following six […]

9. November 2021
A court confirms: usedSoft’s online shop is unrivalled

The Dortmund District Court has issued an interesting ruling on a competition law issue. As a result, the used software pioneer usedSoft may quite rightly continue to present itself as the only B2B specialised used software provider that has a professional online shop. Our opposing party no doubt thought a different conclusion would be reached… […]

12. October 2021
Windows 10 still available second-hand

Microsoft has just launched the latest version of its operating system, Windows 11. While any differences to the previous version can only really be seen in its new design, its hardware requirements have increased markedly. This entails risks when switching over. For companies, this means it’s worthwhile continuing to issue devices with Windows 10. The […]