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24. April 2024

When is it worth buying 2016 versions?

In the fast-moving world of technology, the latest often seems to be the best. But sometimes it pays to rely on the tried and tested, for example the 2016 versions from Microsoft. But when is it worthwhile for companies to use Windows Servers or Office 2016? Here are a few examples: Small IT

21. March 2024

Microsoft Outlook: Time-saving Tips to Boost Productivity

Sending emails, managing contacts, organising appointments and sorting tasks: Since its introduction in 2012, Microsoft Outlook has been instrumental in bringing order and structure to office routines. However, you’re likely familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by a flood of emails and meetings. With the following five tips, you can use Outlook

22. February 2024

Windows LTSC: Benefits and use cases

LTSC versions are the perfect choice for corporate customers requiring an extended support period as well as stability and security. LTSC (formerly: LTSB) stands for “Long Term Servicing Channel”: These versions receive longer support from Microsoft compared to other versions. They are provided with security updates over