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Legal Security of Software Purchases

The perspective of entrepreneurially lucrative contracts should not lead to giving up juridical principles. The build up of legal security also is an important concern of usedSoft.

The knowledge that carefully calculated purchasing might be a main source of the profit of a company, is a guideline for the activities of many decision makers. It is not very surprising that valid as well as high performance used software licenses create a growing demand. But as in many other intelligent business models, there is scope also in this area for unprofessional and even deceitful soldiers of fortune. One just has to think about advertisers operating with nasty SPAM methods for what is said to be totally legal und functioning OEM software. Their websites do not fulfil elementary tasks as to show a serious imprint (relevant information in an About Us section). In case of an address for service being missing, one cannot presume that a purchase is legally secure.

It is a similar situation with some comparable Ebay offers, where often only updates or hardware recovery versions are offered.

Customers of usedSoft really appreciate our excellent service as well as our serious handling and above all the legal security by notary testimonials of the license transfer.


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