El comercio de software se mueve – y nosotros con él. Por ello, en esta página le ofrecemos información interesante relativa al mercado del software usado. En el archivo hallará noticias más antiguas.

IT Reseller: "Softwaremonopolisten sollte man nicht unterschätzen"

El fundador de usedSoft, Peter Schneider, se pone a disposición de la revista suiza IT Reseller para contestar a todas sus preguntas. En la entrevista habla de los comienzos de su concepto empresarial, explica la evolución del mercado y analiza las ventajas para los clientes. Encontrará la entrevista completa aquí...

heise: Germany's Federal Supreme Court explains the legality of used software trade

The news service "heise" has published detailed reporting on the court opinion to the case, highlighting the passage regarding splitting volume licenses: "The single licenses contained herein may also be resold as such, even if doing so displeases the manufacturer."

IT Business: Germany's Federal Supreme Court confirms that used software trade is legal

IT Business also joined the announcement, writing that "usedSoft wins in Oracle case." The news service reports that the Federal Supreme Court has aligned itself with the European Court of Justice's verdict regarding used software and confirmed the legality of used software trade.

CRN: Germany's Federal Supreme Court sustains used software

The renowned professional journal for the ITC channel CRN reports that the Federal Supreme Court has clearly sustained the rights involving used software trade, thereby annulling the license terms of several manufacturers.

MDR: Selling used software: What is permitted?

Free trade in used software has even been addressed by the German public broadcaster MDR. Specifically, it has a quick tip for consumers: "People who acquire used computer games and programs for their PC can save a lot. Conversely, they can also make a bit of money back by selling used software." Here are some tips for people interested in buying and selling console games or PC software.

Computerwelt (Austria): “Customers have legal certainty at last”

Computerwelt reports that following the landmark ECJ ruling for the software industry, the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court has decided that volume and even school licences can be split and resold. Now that “it seems to be all systems go for used software dealers”, Computerwelt has requested an interview with UsedSoft CEO Peter Schneider.

Whiteboard: This entrepreneur started a business with 100% certainty he would be sued by multinationals

The Whiteboard blog, which reports on technology and business trends in Europe, features the “entrepreneur behind the usedSoft story”, CEO Peter Schneider. How the idea for trading in used software came about and how it has developed over the years, is revealed in this article.

Bayerischer Rundfunk "on3": Legal situation on the digital 'flea market'

"Paid downloads should be treated in the same way as purchased CDs or DVDs." This was the judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union, giving usedSoft victory in its lawsuit against Oracle in July 2012. This judgement can now also serve as the first signal when it comes to the re-sale of legally downloaded music, movies, e-books or games.

Wirtschaftswoche: A flea market for e-books and more

The market in used music and e-books could now take off following the ruling by the European Court of Justice that the trade in used software[/en/used-software/buy-licenses/] is permitted. Admittedly the judgement is not directly transferable to music or books. However, "It will be difficult to explain why the arguments for other digital goods should not apply here too," states the lawyer and copyright expert Till Kreutzer in his article in Wirtschaftswoche.

IT Business: “Market growth is accelerating”

In an interview with the respected journal IT-Business usedSoft CEO Peter Schneider reports on what the European Court of Justice ruling could mean for the future of the used software market[/en/used-software/legal-situation/].