usedSoft grows by 30 percent

The used software pioneer once again saw double-digit growth in the previous business year / more than 6 new customers each day / 2020 business year running satisfactorily so far despite corona crisis

The international software trading group usedSoft continued on its exceptional growth course in the 2019 business year. The usedSoft Group’s total revenue rose from just under €19 million in 2018 to €24.8 million in 2019. This is equivalent to growth of 30 percent compared to the previous year. These figures no longer include the usedSoft Group’s Asian and South African business since usedSoft sold off its subsidiaries in Asia and South Africa to an international group of investors in August 2019. This sale generated proceeds in the millions for usedSoft.

“The dynamism of the used software market remained uninterrupted in 2019”, emphasised Peter Schneider, usedSoft’s managing director and founder. “This development will continue after a period of consolidation owing to the coronavirus pandemic.” usedSoft’s revenues are extremely stable at the moment despite the global economic crisis. “After a brief decrease at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we are now almost back at last year’s level”, added Schneider.

The usedSoft Group’s customers include, among others, Alete s.Oliver, Segafredo, Roederer, Munich Airport, a leading club in the German Bundesliga as well as various ‘Sparkassen’ [savings banks] and law firms. The business is focused on computer programmes from the Microsoft and Adobe brands. The company’s board of directors includes the former head of IBM Europe, Hans-Olaf Henkel, the former Bayer boss Manfred Schneider and the former finance minister of the German state of Baden-Württemberg, Gerhard Stratthaus.

The active acquisition of new customers remains an important reason for the usedSoft Group’s growth in revenue. The trading group was able to expand its customer base by almost 1,600 companies and public authorities in the previous year. This is equivalent to approximately six new customers every day. usedSoft now counts almost 15,000 companies and public authorities among its customers.

Another driver of growth was the consistent digitization of the trading business. At more than 66 percent (2018: 45 percent), the growth of usedSoft’s online revenue once again accelerated significantly in 2019. More than 900 of the company’s 1600 new customers were gained via Internet trade. usedSoft completely redesigned its online shop in 2019. This process also included the results from a comprehensive customer survey. The usedSoft shop is available in German, English, French and Italian.

The third pillar of the company’s growth is the consistent process of internationalisation within the European Union. For this purpose, usedSoft has consolidated its commercial business outside of Germany and Switzerland in a new sales company called usedSoft B.V., which has its headquarters in Amsterdam. The usedSoft Group is active in a large number of EU states. In addition to Switzerland, where the company has its headquarters, and Germany, its country of origin, Austria, France, Italy and the Benelux states are important markets for usedSoft.

usedSoft was founded in 2003 by Peter Schneider and, as the first supplier of its kind, established and developed the trade in used software. Savings in purchasing used licenses can be up to 50 percent of the regular sales price. Furthermore, a used licence is of the same value for the purchaser since software, in contrast to most other products, does not wear out. However, companies and public authorities are not only able to buy reasonably-priced software on the used market, but can also sell their surplus licences and transform them into cash.