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IT-cost reduction

All companies are forced to reduce costs to cope with local, regional, national and often even global competition under consideration of prevailing conditions. Medium-sized as well as large companies are focused on the costs involved with well- functioning, modern as well as efficient IT-infrastructure. All companies have to save funds in this field for a solid IT Cost Reduction.

With reference to an IT cost analysis on the one hand one cannot overlook that all companies are confronted with increasing demands concerning reliable systems and applications in the field of business intelligence, project and quality management, personnel and goods trade (ERP, SCM etc.). There is always a new need for investment also for basic functions such as database administration and analysis, web connection and wireless access plus the necessary secure networks solutions involved. These facts initially limit the target of cost savings.

On the other hand it sometimes is not really necessary to fall back on the latest software versions in all IT areas, if the added value of the update seems to be negligible, i.e. too low in comparison with the resulting additional costs for the company in question. This can consequently result in considerable saving potentials regarding the introduction and the software upgrade as well as in an increase of the total amount of clients.

Costs cannot only be reduced by going back to previous versions but also by the fact that software licenses, which are no longer needed by other companies based on structural changes, bankruptcies or other reasons can be purchased at a lower price.

In this kind of situation the professional experience of usedSoft, which has established itself as a trader of used software and focuses on companies which intend to sell licences but also on companies which want to keep their IT-cost low by buying reasonably priced used software when they are planning to expand or to introduce new items can be of great benefit.