We can easily live with criticism. Especially, if confronted with such positive criticism.

Since usedSoft’s foundation, our customer base has been continuously growing in the last few years. Today there are more than 13,000 companies and public authorities in place for which usedSoft is the first choice for buying and selling used software.

Trade, Service & Banks

WEIT Führung GmbH, D-Chemnitz

Heiko Weit, Managing Director

„The excellent quality of consulting services and the considerable price advantages offered by the software second-hand market was a highly welcome surprise. Due to the excellent consulting services provided by usedSoft based on which we could avoid a not only expensive but also unnecessary overlicensing, we were able to benefit from considerable savings. The final price amounting to almost 70 % below our planned budget was really impressive. Due to such savings, we are now able to speed up other IT-investments.

Due to the solution provided by usedSoft which perfectly matches with the needs of our company we are now able to support our own customers in an even more efficient way to increase the labour productivity of their companies by at least 20 % within a period of 12 months.“

WEIT Fuehrung

Heiko Weit, Managing Director, WEIT Führung GmbH, D-Chemnitz


Monika Matschnig, Neufahrn / Germany

Monika Matschnig

Software is a product like every other product - why should it not be freely traded likewise? Why should somebody who bought a product not be allowed to resell it ?

For me as a businesswoman it is hardly understandable from an economic perspective why a globally acting software group only spends its energy in conducting a policy of blockade instead of taking advantage from the market dynamic resulting therefrom with respect to its own purposes. It seems that it has rather become a matter of sustaining the monopolist position of former times. However, we are still living in a free market economy - and it will finally prevail.

monika matschnig2

Monika Matschnig, Monika Matschnig, Neufahrn / Germany


Schierle Stahlrohre KG, D-Neuss

Erwin & Melanie Schierle

„Our decision to opt for usedSoft licences was certainly based on business management reasons. As a medium-sized company we are confronted with a more and more increasing competition day by day. In this regard, there is no excuse for the major software developers to avoid such competition by forming monopolistic cartels. It's high time for a liberalisation of the software market. We caused our lawyers to thoroughly check the lawfulness of usedSoft's business model. There was a clear result: The trade with used software is lawful. Any contradictory allegations made by Microsoft and Co. are nothing but pure intimidations which we will not accept as German medium-sized business entrepreneurs. Apart from that, we do not see any reason to pay more for software than absolutely necessary."

Schierle Stahlrohre

Erwin & Melanie Schierle, Schierle Stahlrohre KG, D-Neuss


Walther Technik GmbH & Co. KG

At our company, we place just as much value on innovation as we do on cost awareness. That's why usedSoft was our first choice when it came to procuring software: With usedSoft, we were able to obtain current technology at unbeatably economical prices. In light of the legal circumstances now being clear-cut, we had no reservations about purchasing used software.
The entire experience was uncomplicated and effortless. We are thoroughly satisfied with usedSoft!


Walther Technik GmbH & Co. KG



Christian and Andrea Karg, founders and proprietors

usedSoft - a clever idea that has prevailed despite much resistance in the market. usedSoft is especially effective, offers professional handling and unbeatable prices. We heartily recommend usedSoft.


Christian and Andrea Karg, founders and proprietors, Allude


Privatbrauerei Hofmühl

Stephan Emslander, Management

As a regional beverage producer the private brewery Hofmühl GmbH strives to produce the best quality beer. That same focus on quality applies to all divisions in our company. In usedSoft we have found an IT partner, who offers ideal value for money. Without forfeiting quality we can save on purchasing thanks to this cost-effective alternative – money we can now invest to achieve even greater improvements for our customers. With fast and simple handling we were able to implement UsedSoft’s used software immediately without a problem – altogether a successful investment.


Stephan Emslander, Management, Privatbrauerei Hofmühl


Terminal 2 Betriebsgesellschaft

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Winkler, Information Technology Instructor

„We wanted to increase the number of licences for software that we were already using and were looking for possible suppliers. For our request to usedSoft we simply filled in the appropriate data in the internet form on their homepage and received an offer by email within just a few days. And it was an offer that was noticeably lower than the price we would have had to pay for new licences. Next time we expand our computer systems, we will definitely ask for a comparative offer from usedSoft.“

Terminal 2

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Winkler, Information Technology Instructor, Terminal 2 Betriebsgesellschaft


EHI Retail Institute

Michael Gerling, CEO

“The EHI Retail Institute has more than 500 members from all sectors of trade. Procurement is a central issue for all of these businesses. Thus, it is no coincidence that trading companies were among the first ever customers of second-hand software dealers. Back then, several of our members called our attention to the tremendous savings potential of up to 50%. Since we consider integrity and reliability absolutely essential, we have been working with usedSoft from the beginning – and we never ever had any regrets about this cooperation, neither with regard to purchase transactions nor sales transactions. Now, you will find various EHI members among the customers of usedSoft – and the trend is clearly upward.“

EHI Retail Institute

Michael Gerling, CEO, EHI Retail Institute


Mediehuset Ingeniøren, Copenhagen, Denmark

Jesper Bille Haun, Head of IT and development

As a magazine for engineers, we are as passionate about innovative solutions as our readers. Especially if they are wallet-friendly as well. At usedSoft, we got Microsoft licences not only for a very small price but also fast and trouble-free.

Mediehuset Ingenioren

Jesper Bille Haun, Head of IT and development, Mediehuset Ingeniøren, Copenhagen, Denmark



Henry Taubald, Chief Operations Officer

„Anyone who wants to be successful in trade needs a keen sense of where purchases can be realized economically. Therefore, a true businessman can scarcely overlook the unique savings potential that the second-hand software market, and in particular usedSoft, offers. Especially now that the German courts, from a legal point of view, have established a broad and solid basis for trading second-hand software licenses. As a satisfied usedSoft customer for many years, I will continue to buy second-hand software in future, whenever possible.“


Henry Taubald, Chief Operations Officer, s.Oliver


Hildegard Braukmann Kosmetik

Rudolf Kotulla, IT manager

As a cosmetics company we provide our customers with products whose quality they can rely on. We expect the same when we purchase a product as a customer. In the case of UsedSoft we have not been disappointed. By purchasing used software licences we have received the same quality as by purchasing them new – but under significantly more favourable terms. UsedSoft’s advice and processing were fast and straightforward. A worthwhile investment that we can only recommend.


Rudolf Kotulla, IT manager, Hildegard Braukmann Kosmetik


Bruhin Klass AG, CH-Zug

Roland Bruhin, Lawyer

“The software market has long been dominated by monopolies. The fact that the used software business undertaken by UsedSoft has created more competition can only be welcomed. As independent legal practitioners, we know what the underlying law is. There can be no objection to the resale of software that has been originally sold by the author. The trade in software already in circulation is legal according to Article 12 of the Swiss Copyright Act – no matter what the software manufacturer has to say about it. The cantonal court in Zug has already made this clear.”

Bruhin Klass Rechtsanwaelte

Roland Bruhin, Lawyer, Bruhin Klass AG, CH-Zug


Business Angel Venture GmbH, D-Cologne

Martin Heinemann, Managing Director

„In general, the trade with 'used’ software is not only an exciting business model, but also an offer which may provide financial benefits for companies: We, for example, could save almost 40 percent when our purchase was made although we needed a relatively up-dated software.

All our questions, including questions regarding any legal aspects, were answered to our best satisfaction. We feel that usedSoft takes competent care of us in each respect. Therefore, we would like to recommend useSoft to others, and when effecting our next purchase, we will certainly purchase 'used’ licences again, as software - in comparison to most other goods - is not affected by any wear...“

Business Angel Venture

Martin Heinemann, Managing Director, Business Angel Venture GmbH, D-Cologne



Andreas Volz, Head of IT

As a conscientious manufacturer of baby food, we are used to paying particular attention to very high quality. We demand the same from the partners with which we work. For this reason, we decided for usedSoft for our software purchases. In addition to the financial benefits gained by using used software, the customer dialogue was always friendly and our contact partners were accessible for all of our inquiries – a very pleasant and recommendable cooperation during which our questions were handled very quickly.


Andreas Volz, Head of IT, Alete



Manfred Pützer, Managing Director for Finances/EDP

„The possibility to buy software by buying „used“ licenses creates an outstanding cost-saving benefit for us: The costs for the usedSoft licenses amounted to 45 percent less the new price!

The second-hand market for software as not-wearable good offers companies an excellent alternative instead of buying regular software, and it should therefore be supported with all efforts. In this regard, usedSoft has taken the correct step by providing a notary's certificate to its customers: Thus, companies can be assured that they acquired faultless licenses in a legally safe way.“

OMNILAB Laborzentrum

Manfred Pützer, Managing Director for Finances/EDP, OMNILAB-LABORZENTRUM GmbH & Co.KG; D-Bremen


Midi Europe - ISUZU, Cerea, Italy

Alessandro Bazzani, IT Manager

"My first contact with usedSoft was several years ago in the early stages of the used software market. This positive experience has led me to continue the relationship. Today I am an IT manager at Midi Europe, importer of ISUZU commercial vehicles in Europe. I was in a situation where the evolution of business and the need for updated software required a substantial investment. After a technical and legal review we chose to renew our office automation products with usedSoft. This allowed us to save between 40 and 50 % of costs without sacrificing any product quality. Being able to purchase single licenses as opposed to fixed packages offered by other vendors, allowed us to custom-build our suite of client and server products as well."

MIDI Europe

Alessandro Bazzani, IT Manager, Midi Europe - ISUZU, Cerea, Italy


Emder Zeitung

Uwe Röttgers, Head of Technology

Like everywhere in the newspaper industry, we have also had to struggle with sharply declining revenues in the subscription sector. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for methods of automation and cost-effective solutions. In doing our research we came across usedSoft. Initially, we were somewhat sceptical about the idea of used software, as we had no experience of used licences. Thanks to the many published judgements by German and European courts on the issue of used software, which say the trade is legal, we’re confident that we get very good advice from usedSoft. Our reliable and friendly collaboration with usedSoft has only confirmed our decision was right. We all know it’s virtually impossible to get routine work done without Microsoft products. So why pay excessive prices when there are cost-effective alternatives?

Emder Zeitung

Uwe Röttgers, Head of Technology, Emder Zeitung


Law Firm Brinkmann & Partner, D-Berlin

Hartwig Albers, Attorney at Law

„As one of the largest liquidating law offices within Germany we are of course focussing our particular interest on the sale of used software licences in particular, in connection with the company usedSoft - and this subject will become even more important to us in future. The reason why we have recently bought used licences for our law firm from this company ourselves was mainly based on the enormous savings potential of about 40 % from which we could benefit this way. Moreover, we were more than satisfied by the reliable and skilled business conduct of the company usedSoft convincing us that we have found a suitable partner regarding software for us.“

Kanzlei Brinkmann und Partner

Hartwig Albers, Attorney at Law, Law Firm Brinkmann & Partner, D-Berlin


ANYBET GmbH, D-Hamburg

Michael Kuhnke, Managing Director

„On the used software market, there are – like in any other branches – reliable and less reliable suppliers. Unfortunately, I had to make some bad experiences with competitors of usedSoft in the past: they promised a lot, but they could neither supply completely nor in time. usedSoft has proven that used software does not exclude a 100 % reliability at all: the perfect customer dialogue, the continuously reliable supply and, of course, savings of 50 % have completely convinced us! The next order has already been placed."


Michael Kuhnke, Managing Director, ANYBET GmbH, D-Hamburg


Bad Oexen Hospital

Karsten Stork, Deputy Head of Administration

Bad Oexen Hospital is a specialised medical facility for oncological rehabilitation. As part of the modernisation and expansion of our client structures we have decided for the first time to acquire the software we need on the used market. The financial benefits have convinced us. In looking for a supplier, after close scrutiny we chose UsedSoft. Their advice was capable, delivery was fast and their billing system transparent. We are very satisfied and have not regretted our decision.

logo bad oexen

Karsten Stork, Deputy Head of Administration, Bad Oexen Hospital


J.T. Trade

Filip Smolik, IT Manager

The purchase of second hand software saved us about 50 percent of the original price. As an economic thinking company that was a convincing reason for us. We are very pleased with usedSoft: Especially the uncomplicated processing and the quick transaction convinced us. The employees gave us qualified advices at all times and were very kind. We highly recommend usedSoft to everybody who is requiring software.

J.T. Trade gross

Filip Smolik, IT Manager, J.T. Trade


Public authorities and public service

Hansestadt Stralsund

Gabriele Leesch, IT Department Director

As a municipal authority, it is our duty to save costs whenever it is sensible and feasible to do so. One example here would be when purchasing software. The used software market not only offers enormous saving potential, it also provides the same quality as newly purchased products. After all, software does not wear out. That is why we chose usedSoft, which was well under the new software price. The process was uncomplicated and expedient. Therefore, we can sincerely recommend the used software market and usedSoft to other government authorities as well.


Gabriele Leesch, IT Department Director, Hansestadt Stralsund


Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen

Michael Brandner, Member of the Board – Performing Arts

As the executive board we represent the interests of our members. This also means reflecting upon our expenses with greater care and being cost-conscious. Just for that reason I find the business idea of usedSoft exceedingly clever: Why must we pay more for something that is available just as well at a reduced rate? We could also ask: Why retain something after it is no longer needed?

usedSoft had first applied this principle of “sustainability” to the software branch. That a small German company gave this impetus and thereby revolutionized the market is really an extraordinary accomplishment. It shows that creativity and courage pay off in the truest sense – and in particular not just in the film and media sector. 

DAFF Thumb

Michael Brandner, Member of the Board – Performing Arts, Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen


Salvation Army, Stuttgart Corps

Markus Piechot, Officer

As a charitable organisation we have to be especially price-sensitive when purchasing our working materials. usedSoft’s quote was therefore unbeatable for us. The order processing and delivery took place without any problems. usedSoft also immediately resolved any difficulties during installation.


Markus Piechot, Officer, Salvation Army, Stuttgart Corps


SRH Gesundheitszentrum Bad Wimpfen GmbH, D-Bad Wimpfen

Hendrik Hamm, System technology

„We had to increase our stock of Office 2003 Professional licences by a significant number of licences. It was therefore clear to us from the very beginning which kind of software we needed. Thus, we could focus our interest on chosing the most favourable supplier when buying it. This was definitely usedSoft: In contrast to buying new licences, we could make a saving of 50 percent. The cost advantage relating to "used" licences is more than obvious. In addition, usedSoft's offer was not only unrivaledly favourable, but usedSoft was the only used software supplier being able to immediately supply such licences.

Due to usedSoft's competent service, we feel being in good hands with usedSoft. usedSoft's order processing is transparent and reliable.“

SRH Gesundheitszentrum Bad Wimpfen

Hendrik Hamm, System technology, SRH Gesundheitszentrum Bad Wimpfen GmbH, D-Bad Wimpfen


City of Fürth

Dr. Thomas Jung, Mayor

„For quite some time we have been observing the development of the used software market with great interest. The savings potentials offered by the second-hand market are most interesting for government agencies and local authorities. In any case, we as town are obligated to comply with the principle of cost-effectiveness under public procurement law and to opt for the most favorable supplier. And, after all, we can invest every Euro which we do not spend for software equipment into other projects - and, as a rule, it is rather needed for such other projects. In this regard, the purchase of usedSoft licences did not differ from buying new licences at all: it was uncomplicated and delivery was made very quickly.“

Stadt Fuerth

Dr. Thomas Jung, Mayor , City of Fürth


Public Services of Cottbus

Wolfgang Will, Head of Shared Service

„For quite some time we have been observing the development of the used software market with great interest. The savings potentials offered by the second-hand market are most interesting for government agencies and local authorities. In any case, we as town are obligated to comply with the principle of cost-effectiveness under public procurement law and to opt for the most favorable supplier. And, after all, we can invest every Euro which we do not spend for software equipment into other projects - and, as a rule, it is rather needed for such other projects. In this regard, the purchase of usedSoft licences did not differ from buying new licences at all: it was uncomplicated and delivery was made very quickly.“

Stadtwerke Cottbus

Wolfgang Will, Head of Shared Service, Public Services of Cottbus


Public Services of Witten

Andreas Schade, Head of the EDP and Adminstration Department

„We opted for the used software market for two reasons: on the one hand, we wanted to save costs, of course, on the other hand, we were not satisfied with the consulting services provided by the major software suppliers at all. Finally, one of our business partners made us aware of usedSoft which convinced us not only due to its impressive customer list.

usedSoft is clearly a convincing alternative to us in comparison to initial purchase: a quick and unproblematic winding-up, tried-and-tested programs proven to be reliable, and savings of almost 40 % compared to the initial purchase. Last but not least, being comfortable to know that we were provided with a lawful licensing. The crowning achievement was that we were even able to refinance a part of our investment by selling old licences which were no longer needed to usedSoft.“

Stadtwerke Witten

Andreas Schade, Head of the EDP and Adminstration Department, Public Services of Witten