The triumphant march of used software

Software represents a considerable cost factor for every company. Not least for this reason it is a great result that, thanks to the ECJ judgement of 3 July 2012, the breakthrough for trade in used software licenses, which has long been yearned for by industry and trade, as well as by authorities and public services, has finally been achieved.

The company usedSoft has been consistent in advocating the establishment of the used software market ever since 2003, sometimes during very difficult phases, thus allowing proper competition for the first time.

For many years, renowned customers from all fields of economic life have supported usedSoft with orders, despite enormous opposition from monopolistic manufacturers of standard software such as Microsoft.

The two-sided business model "Used Software", with the option for our business partners to buy or to sell, has convinced thousands of customers. Our archive of references proves this recognition of the work carried out by usedSoft in recent years. Many customers already recognised in the pioneer phase that "used" does not necessary mean worse, but identically good, while being much cheaper. They have all helped to establish the used software market. Now, all interested parties can enjoy the convincing benefits offered by the used software market in an even more relaxed manner:

  • Save! By purchasing used software licenses you can save up to 50 % in comparison to the manufacturer’s price.
  • No wear and tear! Software runs and runs and runs – without deteriorating in any way. As a second owner you therefore receive exactly the same product as the first buyer.
  • Large selection of used software! The used market contains not only current programme versions but also older ones in large unit numbers. After all, new does not necessarily mean better: the latest programme versions require an induction period and also use up greater hardware resources. In such cases, an equally proven and trusted version is a real alternative. However, as this is often no longer supplied by the manufacturer, used licenses are the only option.
  • Earn money with software! Sell us your excess used licenses and redirect part of the capital you have invested back you’re your company.
  • Sell in times of difficulty! The insolvency assets of many companies contain hidden reserves that can be converted easily into liquid assets to the benefit of the estate. By this we mean software licenses that are freed up upon the liquidation of a company. But also in the case of transferred reorganisation there is often no longer any need for the used software licenses.

usedSoft is a leading German provider of used software licenses. Our customers appreciate the good service and the responsible processing. We are happy to check each individual case as to whether the software packages available contain licenses that are suitable for resale by usedSoft.

Do you want to save money on the used software market? Nothing could be easier, whether you wish to buy or to sell licenses.