Microsoft Project 2010 Standard Volume licence
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Microsoft Project 2010 Standard Volume licence

Volume licence

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Microsoft Project 2010 Standard Volume licence

Microsoft Project 2010 offers a clear user interface. You'll profit from the powerful improvements in scheduling, process management, and display. From now on, you'll be able to manage, control, and monitor your projects with even more precision and simplify their visualization. You may be surprised when starting Project 2010 for the first time, for the user interface has been radically improved. The menus and symbol bars have been replaced with the menu ribbon, making it possible to find the commands needed for executing a task quickly. The commands have been arranged in logical groups, which in turn have been collected under tabs. With Project 2010, you can now control scheduling with even more precision thanks to several improvements in the calendar features. You also have the option of creating an initial task list in Microsoft Excel or Word, and then adding it in Project without having to reformat.

Manual Scheduling:
In Microsoft Project 2010, an important change has been made to how you'll be planning projects in the future, for example with changes to factors and task dependencies (task dependency: a relationship between two linked tasks. Linked with a dependency between the finish and start dates.)

There are four types of task dependencies:
1.    Finish-start [FS],
2.    Finish-finish [FF],
3.    Start-start [SS], and
4.    Start-finish [SF]

Moreover, Microsoft Project 2010 has a new project calendar. This planning element makes it possible for you to define the working time for resources and tasks. Microsoft Project uses four types of task calendars:
1.    The base calendar,
2.    The project calendar,
3.    The resource calendar, and
4.    The task calendar.

Task data are no longer updated automatically if a task is being scheduled manually. You can position a manually scheduled task anywhere on the calendar and Microsoft Project 2010 will not shift it. Project managers who are accustomed to automatic scheduling from earlier Project versions can deactivate the new manual planning for specific tasks, or for an entire project.
For some projects, especially complicated ones, Project's powerful planning module may be needed, which handles scheduling for you. Microsoft Project 2010 is compatible with earlier versions of Microsoft Project. You can create files in Project 2007 or an earlier version, and then open and process them in Project 2010 using a mode with limited functionality. Additionally, you can create files in Project 2010 and then convert them to the file formats for Project 2007, Project 2000-2003, and even Project 98. You won't need a converter for any of these cases!


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