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Ex-BAYER boss Schneider moves to usedSoft

Manfred Schneider, the former Chairman of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of BAYER AG, has joined the Executive Board of the renowned used software supplier usedSoft.

Gerhard Stratthaus joins the usedSoft's board of directors

The former Finance Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg Gerhard Stratthaus has joined the board of directors of the international software trading company usedSoft. Stratthaus sees himself as a brand ambassador for usedSoft and advocates of a free software market. Other usedSoft administrative board members are Hans-Olaf Henkel, MP to the European Parliament, the former BDI president and IBM-Manager in Europe, and the usedSoft founder Peter Schneider. 

usedSoft increases sales by 38 percent

The used software pioneer is reporting a new record year in 2016/on average nearly eight new customers daily

Hospitals rely on used software

Hospitals, medical practices and social service facilities are increasingly using the used market when purchasing software / Used software pioneer usedSoft recruits 150 customers from the health sector

usedSoft receives major orders

Dioceses, parishes, monasteries and even the Salvation Army save when purchasing software / usedSoft gains its 100th church customer

Acquiring software: Renting? Buying? Get it cheap!

An installation CD, a licence code and instructions in a colourful cardboard box – that was all you got a few years ago when purchasing software. This model seems to be long since out of date. Today, you can buy software via download; you can rent it or obtain it on the used market. Companies for which software is normally a huge cost factor should think carefully given the host of options available. The only crucial issue is which licensing model is most economical and least expensive.

Software inventory: a good count is half the battle

Recently the Business Software Alliance (BSA) posted a major reward. They weren’t looking for bank robbers or terrorists but under-licensed companies. There was an up to €10,000 reward for information about businesses that use more software programmes than they have paid for – a crime that may involve unpleasant consequences for the managers responsible. Only consistent licensing management can prevent it coming to that – and ensure you save some real money...

German Federal Supreme Court: Splitting volume licenses is legal

Germany's Federal Supreme Court swept aside legal uncertainties in the used software market today. In the legal dispute between usedSoft and Adobe, Germany's highest civil court made a final ruling in favour of usedSoft in all points. usedSoft CEO Peter Schneider: "This is a triumph for free trade!"

usedSoft launches Asian subsidiary

usedSoft Asia to supply Asian growth markets with used software / Impulse from usedSoft Advisory Board Member Heinrich von Pierer / Headquarters in Hongkong

Germany’s Federal Supreme Court: usedSoft wins across the board

Continued tailwind for the used software market: In a court opinion released yesterday, Germany's Federal Supreme Court ("BGH” in its German abbreviation) completely concurred, as was expected, with the ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) regarding used software. That means highest civil court in Germany has now joined the highest court in the European Union in confirming the legality of trading used software.

10 years of usedSoft – 10 years of open competition

The pioneer of used software, usedSoft, is these days celebrating its tenth anniversary. Much has happened since its founding: When usedSoft was introduced to the market for the first time in December 2003, companies dealing in software acquisition were left with no choice but to buy what they were being offered by the software monopolists. Today, only a decade later, we have real price competition thanks to usedSoft – in a decision ratified by none other than the highest judicial authorities. And second-hand trade has expanded such that it now represents a constant on the international software market, with high two-digit growth rates.

Law firms rely on usedSoft

Since the European Court of Justice's ruling in July 2012 stating that used software trade is fundamentally legal, the demand for used licenses has been growing strong. There have been a rising number of law offices and tax consultants among buyers from all over Europe: After approximately one year, usedSoft won its 100th new client from those sectors this month.

Used Software – How to ensure safety along with savings

A year ago, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) finally mandated legal certainty for buyers of used software. Now it is possible to secure savings – believe it or not - of up to 30 per cent, by following a few simple but important rules.

One year after the ECJ ruling: usedSoft on the upswing

On 3 July 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave the permission for trading in used licenses. One year after the undertaking usedSoft sought this ruling, its CEO, Peter Schneider, reports a positive outcome.

usedSoft sets up branch in France

Fast-growing demand in France / Francois-Xavier Beauval becomes Country Manager France / usedSoft expands throughout the EU

ECJ gives used software trading the green light

Today, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) declared that trading in used computer programs is legal in principle. The ECJ ruled that used software trading is permissible even if the software has been transmitted online.

European Court of Justice Advocate General Agrees with usedSoft

In the current dispute between Oracle and usedSoft, European Court of Justice advocate general Yves Bot submitted his conclusion today. In it, he states that trade in used software is permissible even if the software is transferred online.

European Court of Justice: Oracle retracts its claim

Oracle has admitted to the European Court of Justice that the distinction between physical transfer and online transfer is immaterial / The President of the Court of Justice accuses Oracle of using “misleading arguments” / The court is expected to issue a verdict sometime this year